David Desormeaux Watercolours



I've always been drawn to watercolours and their evocative qualities. But it wasn't until I picked up a brush myself that I began to truly appreciate the depth of the medium's genderosity.

I am so grateful to have discovered what has quickly become a true passion. Not only is it a journey of expression but also one of self-discovery. I just can't wait to see where the road will take me.

Paintings on this site will come and go as I explore new techniques and subjects.

Sales and shipping

All paintings are for sale unless otherwise stated.

If you live in the Ottawa area, we can arrange to have the painting picked up or delivered in person.

I do not ship framed pieces for two reasons: (1) there is a risk of damage to the frame or glass, and (2) choice of frames is very personal.

All shipped paintings are packaged in a protective envelope with heavy backing to prevent damage to the painting. Larger paintings are shipped in a mailing tube.

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The gallery includes paintings for sale and those that have found a forever home.

Pieces are displayed starting with the most recent.

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Watercolour painting by David Desormeaux of a crow flying across a snowy mountain cliff
Watercolour painting of a running wolf kicking up snow
Watercolour painting of a vintage rooster welcome sign with rusty bell on old brick wall
Watercolour painting of a pelican floating in the mist
Watercolour painting of a vintage tea kettle in window of an old wall
Watercolour painting of a rusty lock on an old barn wall
Watercolour painting of a Cardinal eating berries
Watercolour painting of a Snowy Owl in flight
Looose watercolour painting of a Balitmore Oriole
Watercolour painting of a Canada Goose in flight
Whimsical watercolor painting of a deer and two birds
Watercolour painting of a butterfly
Whimsical watercolour painting of an elk and two birds
Watercolour painting of a white lily
Abstract watercolour painting of flowers
Watercolour painting of a cafe in Venice
Loose watercolour painting of raven in flight
Whimsical watercolour painting of moose and two birds
Loose watercolour painting of a butterfly