Look What I Just Found

The roads go in, the roads go out
There's just one thing I can't figure out
That's where I am
That's where I stand

I miss you like there's nothing left
And every day is just a test
for getting through
not having you

I think the sun is coming out, I think it's gonna clear
And don't you think that this would look much better over here
Why don't we take the long way home, let's go the long way round
Oh, and look what I just found

I see you every step I take
I hear you when I lie awake
I hear you sing
in everything

And not a single day goes by
when I don't want to run and hide
from everyone
from everything


The days go by like a parade
I watch them as they march their way
Away from me
Away from me

But every now and then I see
A part of you in part of me
And I can smile
It's been a while

A little bit too far

I thought that I loved you the first time we met
The stars were all lined up our future was set
I proposed marriage on our second date
You sweetly said no, that was 2008

Guess I pushed things a little too far
Too much, to soon, to hard
Next time I swear, if I ever get there
I'm gonna push back on pushing too far

My birthday was payday so I put back a few
Bought rounds for the old friends and rounds for the new
I can't quite remember the end of it all
But I woke up in jail, I was chained to a wall



I bought myself a muscle car when I turned 35
Took it down the highway for a freedom, power drive
I thought I was alone until I looked in my rear view
There were county cops and cherry tops, I knew that I was screwed


There's nothing wrong with throwing all your caution to the wind
There's nothing wrong with shooting for the moon
You can push it to the limit, you can take that extra step
Just don't put the blame on me for what's about to happen next

You'd think that after all this time I'd learn a thing or two
I guess you'd think I'd learn a thing or three
But I just keep on pushing till I reach that bitter end
I guess it's just my destiny to piss into the wind